Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ermagerd Divergent Makeup at Sephora!

I just finished the Divergent series last week, and the ending was terrible.  Not omigod-you-can't-do-that-to-the-main-character terrible, just plain terrible.  I'm okay with characters dying, or else how could I love A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)?  I have high hopes that the movie trilogy will change the third book entirely.  You heard me, Summit!  PLEASE DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO THE ENDING OF THIS SERIES.  Whatever you come up with will be infinitely better than what actually happens, I'm sure.

Oh. My. Glob.

AGH!  I mean, the colors kinda don't make sense, but overall I'm excited.  Should they have had someone actually research the book first before developing this?  Yes.  I mean, where's a bright red lip gloss to symbolize Tris wearing crazy makeup when she becomes Dauntless?  No?  And what about the palettes representing the factions?  I see Dauntless/Candor Black and Erudite Blue, but no Abnegation Gray (the whole palette is rather Abnegation-y neutral), Candor White, or Amity Red and Yellow.  The titles are good, though. 

All that nitpicking aside, you can bet I want this so hard.  I'm a sucker for packaging, and I don't have any neutral palettes or cheek palettes, so this set is actually a really good value for me.  And the brush has the "Divergent" logo on it, which is cool.

Are you gonna be grabbing this set when you can?  :D

And since this is still on my blog's first page, let's check out some SUPER BELATED PRODUCT PHOTOS!

My most-used piece of the entire set!  The color on the left, "Transform," is my go-to inner crease shadow.  STILL.  TO THIS DAY.

Overall, I was very pleased with this set.  EXTREMELY PLEASED, even.  I don't use any of the glosses, they were pretty terrible, and the brush has fallen apart after a year, but I still use the blush end because why not?  It's a good brush, even if the whole 'dual-sided' thing didn't quite work out.

The blush palette was exciting at the time because I didn't have any, but now it's rather meh.  The eyeshadows overall are what you'd expect from Sephora, but the shades on the left (Diverge, Transform, Choose) are pretty much UD Moondust shadows, which is SO EXCITING.  I literally use Transform every day in my inner crease.  Erry day.  It's that lovely.

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