Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pinkeye woes


What!?  You ask.  But Leslie, you have great brushes and high quality eyeshadows and you've never HAD pinkeye before, sooo what gives?

I don't know!  I just don't know.  I opened up my Ariel palette one day last week (hadn't touched it in a year) and went to town, and then the day after I opened up my Vice palette which I also hadn't touched in a year, and I guess there was some bacteria in there.  It also didn't help that I don't wash my eye brushes nearly as dutifully as I wash my face brushes.

But guys, GUYS, it was the most awful two days ever.  My eye was super red and it HURT. SO. BAD.  Even closing my eyes didn't help the pain.  It hurt so much to blink that I and everyone else thought it was a stye, but no!  MY MAKEUP HAD INFECTED ME AND CAUSED ME PAIN.  I laid in bed with a warm cloth pressed to my eye and cried.

After a terrifying three days in which I didn't wear any makeup or contacts, I figured the worst was over and I could go back to wearing makeup and contacts.  DEAR GOD WAS I WRONG.  I could only stand to have my contacts in for a good 10 minutes before I gave up and took them out.  My husband laughed and said I should throw them out, but they're expensive and there's a good week left in them. 

My eye feeling better, I put on my makeup (again using my old palettes, I don't know, I'm stupid I guess), and around 2:00 PM at work the telltale signs of incoming pinkeye were present.  Not again, I thought.  NOT. A. GAIN. 

I quickly took my makeup off when I got home and, yep, now my OTHER EYE was turning red and looking irritated.  I at least had the intelligence to clean my eye brushes before I put makeup on again, so I was at a loss.  Had my EYE SHADOW done this to me?  It would KEEP doing this to me?!  I...would I have to throw my precious palettes out?!  They were only a year old!  I loved the colors and couldn't find them anymore!


And lo, Wayne Goss had the sacred answer.  I must spray the bejeezus out of my palettes with 90% isopropyl alcohol.  And it WORKED, my dears, it WORKED!  I sprayed the living shit out of my palettes, and now I'm two days of wearing my old eyeshadow with not a pink eye in sight!

Moral of the story:  I should be spraying my makeup with isopropyl alcohol fairly often.

Also, sorry for the lack of posts.  I have a bunch of pictures I've taken, but I've been having a weird quarterlife crisis lately and just haven't had the drive to do much of anything except work, eat ice cream, and cuddle with the husband.  I'll try to be better!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Some Magical Metal to Brighten Your Friday

OMG GAIZ, GAIZ.  The sound of this band is akin to unicorns shooting bubblegum lasers out of their mouths, and that bubblegum death sounds like beautiful music.  And the unicorns are black with rainbow manes full of sparkly metal shurikens.

Seriously, just listen.

Happy Friday.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ermagerd Divergent Makeup at Sephora!

I just finished the Divergent series last week, and the ending was terrible.  Not omigod-you-can't-do-that-to-the-main-character terrible, just plain terrible.  I'm okay with characters dying, or else how could I love A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)?  I have high hopes that the movie trilogy will change the third book entirely.  You heard me, Summit!  PLEASE DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO THE ENDING OF THIS SERIES.  Whatever you come up with will be infinitely better than what actually happens, I'm sure.

Oh. My. Glob.

AGH!  I mean, the colors kinda don't make sense, but overall I'm excited.  Should they have had someone actually research the book first before developing this?  Yes.  I mean, where's a bright red lip gloss to symbolize Tris wearing crazy makeup when she becomes Dauntless?  No?  And what about the palettes representing the factions?  I see Dauntless/Candor Black and Erudite Blue, but no Abnegation Gray (the whole palette is rather Abnegation-y neutral), Candor White, or Amity Red and Yellow.  The titles are good, though. 

All that nitpicking aside, you can bet I want this so hard.  I'm a sucker for packaging, and I don't have any neutral palettes or cheek palettes, so this set is actually a really good value for me.  And the brush has the "Divergent" logo on it, which is cool.

Are you gonna be grabbing this set when you can?  :D

And since this is still on my blog's first page, let's check out some SUPER BELATED PRODUCT PHOTOS!

My most-used piece of the entire set!  The color on the left, "Transform," is my go-to inner crease shadow.  STILL.  TO THIS DAY.

Overall, I was very pleased with this set.  EXTREMELY PLEASED, even.  I don't use any of the glosses, they were pretty terrible, and the brush has fallen apart after a year, but I still use the blush end because why not?  It's a good brush, even if the whole 'dual-sided' thing didn't quite work out.

The blush palette was exciting at the time because I didn't have any, but now it's rather meh.  The eyeshadows overall are what you'd expect from Sephora, but the shades on the left (Diverge, Transform, Choose) are pretty much UD Moondust shadows, which is SO EXCITING.  I literally use Transform every day in my inner crease.  Erry day.  It's that lovely.

Monday, February 17, 2014

LUSH is the best ever!

I'm ghostly pale, which means my face is extremely sensitive.  Everything pisses my face off.  I can't wear any powder whatsoever, and my quest for the perfect primer and foundation is ongoing. 

I made a post two years ago about my epiphany moment with Burt's Bees, and I'm here to say that I was wrong.  Well, not completely wrong, but mostly wrong.  Burt's Bees was of course better than what I had been using, but it still wasn't good for my face.  It did a good job clearing up my redness, but it wasn't helping so much in the pimple department.  It's only 95-99% natural, after all.

So there I was, my face STILL pissed off, and didn't know where to turn for better face care.  I mean, Burt's Bees was the best I could find without having to make my own stuff at home!  I'm pretty lazy, so that wasn't going to happen.  What could I do now?  Live with it?

No, my friends.  I went to Lush.

This encompasses how I feel about Lush.  If I were a better artist, the unicorn would be sparkly and be shooting the rainbows out of its eyes as lasers.  But alas, MS Paint and clip art unicorn for you today.  Yes, it has a penis.

Lush Cosmetics is the best thing that ever happened to my goddamn face.  There's SO many products, and I can honestly say I've tried almost all of their moisturizers (still not sure which I like best), most of their cleansers, and can accurately say my face loves me.  If only I'd stop putting makeup on it, then it would be completely blemish-free.  But, c'mon.  That's not gonna happen. 

Here's my LUSH regimen:

1.  In the morning, I slather my face with 9 to 5 in the shower and then skip steps 2-4.  This saves a lot of time since I don't have any makeup to remove.
2.  In the evening, my first step is to take my eye makeup off and wet my face (I use Neutrogena extra sensitive remover cotton pad thingies).

3.  I then get out my Clarisonic and smother it with a good helping of Ultrabland.  After my Clarisonic's done and its white brush head is completely the color of my foundation (good god that was all on my FACE?!), I wipe my face with a damp cloth until it comes up clean (even MOAR foundation omg face I'm so sorry).
4.  Exfoliate the shit out of my face using Ocean Salt
5.  Spritz Eau Roma toner all over my face (about 3-4 spritzes).
6.  Cover my face in the holy grail known as the Full of Grace bar and massage that shit in.
7.  If I have any problem areas (usually my chin and eyebrows--I think my beloved Dior eye pencil breaks me out nooo), I cover them with some Grease Lightning.
8.  Slather face with moisturizer.  I've tried Celestial, Imperialis, Enzymion, Vanishing Cream, Cosmetic Lad, and Gorgeous, and am currently using a mix of Imperialis and Enzymion.  Vanishing Cream broke me out (yeah, it doesn't really make sense), and I'm going to give Celestial another go when I run out of Enzymion/Imperialis.  I really don't think Gorgeous is different enough from the others to justify $90 for a moisturizer. 

BONUS steps for smexy lips:

I also slather a bunch of the Mint Julips on my lips to exfoliate them, and then cover them with Lip Service.  I have buttery lips in the morning!  Until I put lipstick on.  Sigh, it's a process.

I also love how their packaging showcases these dueling rabbits.  Because animal cruelty sucks.  Unless it's a duel, then that's out of our hands.

Do any of you use Lush?  Have any products you'd like me to review?  Let me know!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Look!

What, I actually left the house this weekend?!  Yes, dear readers, it is true.  After four losses in a row playing League of Legends, the Mister and I decided that we wanted to experience the outside world and partake in delicious food made by other people.  Had I not taken two hours to get ready, perhaps the restaurant wouldn't have been full when we got there. 

But at least I looked fabulous.  I'm wearing Bonfire Spirits by Fyrinnae on my lids, with a pinch of Strike from Urban Decay's Vice 2 palette on my inner crease.  My lips feature Lime Crime's Retrofuturist, which I'll make a lengthier review about sometime this week.

Here's a closer look at the makeups (forgive the abysmal lighting, Missouri has been overcast for the last month and I'm so done with it):

I love Fyrinnae's eyeshadows so much!  They're so, so SPARKLY!  But they're taking over my vanity.  It's overrun with little jars of eyeshadow samples that I really, reaaally need to press. 

That's it for today!  Stay sparkly, my friends!

Friday, January 31, 2014


Hey, my toasty friends!

I have recovered from my two-year funk, and I am READY to bring you the awesome content once more!  I've renamed the blog Leslie Pwny (so I'm like a pony, but with more pwnage), as the whole "Metal Marshmallow" thing never made sense.  Also, the focus will sadly no longer be on Metal.  I'm going to focus instead on the beauty/fashion aspect of my life, but will still keep it Metal with random music videos and announcements that excite me.  I won't be reviewing albums seriously anymore, but if I think something is awesome I'll tell you about it as coherently as possible (maybe).  The blog is going to focus more on me personally, so I shouldn't abandon it so easily this time.

I'm also going to enter into a blog-partnership with my friend Carissa, and a new blog will likely be created from that.  BUT, seeing as how this is somehow still getting pageviews, I'll continue to do this as well. 

I'm going to do some major swatching this weekend, and you can see a teaser photo below!

Also, what kind of makeup looks would you guys like me to do?  I'm open to suggestions!