Monday, June 11, 2012

Kat Von D Travel Eyeshadows!

Oh, Kat Von D.  I wanted to love her new travel-sized eyeshadow palettes, but the colors just don't excite me.  They're the perfect size for travel, though, and are a nice fraction of the price of her full-sized palettes ($20 compared to $36).  The packaging is awesome, too.  It's got a cool design on the cover, and has a rubberized texture that feels good in the hand.  The shadows are also the same size and pigmentation as what you find in her full-sized palettes.  So, there's that.  

The Little Sinner palette.
First, let's talk about the Little Sinner palette.  The colors are very matte, which is a bit strange since most of Kat's palettes have super sparkly shadows.  Also, what in the world is going on with the colors here?  Red, green, white, and NUDE?  Hardly Sinner-like.  Where's the black?  WHY IS THERE NO BLACK?!  Seriously, these colors make ZERO sense.  I'd imagine a travel-sized Sinner palette to have white, grey or silver, purple (red or blue would also be acceptable), and black.  But perhaps people would stop buying the full-sized Sinner palette if the colors of this one actually made sense.  Oh no, we can't have that.  We don't want new buyers up in here, no way!

I was also disappointed that the white color (Swansong) seems to be different from the Swansong used in her super rainbow Mi Vida Loca palette.  Swansong in the Loca palette is a goooorgeous white with purple iridescence.  Very noticeable.  But the Swansong here is just...white.  I checked.

The Little Saint palette.

Next, there's the Little Saint palette.  This is the one I ended up purchasing (though I never buy any of Kat's Saint products), because the colors are just better.  There's blue, purple, bronze, and nude again.  Because this is the Saint palette, the nude color makes sense (so I won't quibble with it).  I also surprisingly like the bronze color.  The purple and blue are what really sold me, though, and I'm glad I bought it.  It's still not the ideal, as I still have to bring along a black and silver eyeshadow from another brand, but oh well. 

BOTTOM LINE, The Saint palette makes for a good travel smoky eye if you bring along your own black eye shadow, which I did.  Drugstores have lots of tiny black/silver duos, which would finish this palette off nicely.  

The palette is quite sturdy and travels extremely well--it survived being tossed around in my makeup bag while I was on vacation.  So, if you want Kat Von D eyeshadows for your next vacation, pick one of these up.  They're of the same quality and great pigmentation you'd expect from any Kat palette.  The colors are just weird.



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