Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Look!

What, I actually left the house this weekend?!  Yes, dear readers, it is true.  After four losses in a row playing League of Legends, the Mister and I decided that we wanted to experience the outside world and partake in delicious food made by other people.  Had I not taken two hours to get ready, perhaps the restaurant wouldn't have been full when we got there. 

But at least I looked fabulous.  I'm wearing Bonfire Spirits by Fyrinnae on my lids, with a pinch of Strike from Urban Decay's Vice 2 palette on my inner crease.  My lips feature Lime Crime's Retrofuturist, which I'll make a lengthier review about sometime this week.

Here's a closer look at the makeups (forgive the abysmal lighting, Missouri has been overcast for the last month and I'm so done with it):

I love Fyrinnae's eyeshadows so much!  They're so, so SPARKLY!  But they're taking over my vanity.  It's overrun with little jars of eyeshadow samples that I really, reaaally need to press. 

That's it for today!  Stay sparkly, my friends!

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