Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pinkeye woes


What!?  You ask.  But Leslie, you have great brushes and high quality eyeshadows and you've never HAD pinkeye before, sooo what gives?

I don't know!  I just don't know.  I opened up my Ariel palette one day last week (hadn't touched it in a year) and went to town, and then the day after I opened up my Vice palette which I also hadn't touched in a year, and I guess there was some bacteria in there.  It also didn't help that I don't wash my eye brushes nearly as dutifully as I wash my face brushes.

But guys, GUYS, it was the most awful two days ever.  My eye was super red and it HURT. SO. BAD.  Even closing my eyes didn't help the pain.  It hurt so much to blink that I and everyone else thought it was a stye, but no!  MY MAKEUP HAD INFECTED ME AND CAUSED ME PAIN.  I laid in bed with a warm cloth pressed to my eye and cried.

After a terrifying three days in which I didn't wear any makeup or contacts, I figured the worst was over and I could go back to wearing makeup and contacts.  DEAR GOD WAS I WRONG.  I could only stand to have my contacts in for a good 10 minutes before I gave up and took them out.  My husband laughed and said I should throw them out, but they're expensive and there's a good week left in them. 

My eye feeling better, I put on my makeup (again using my old palettes, I don't know, I'm stupid I guess), and around 2:00 PM at work the telltale signs of incoming pinkeye were present.  Not again, I thought.  NOT. A. GAIN. 

I quickly took my makeup off when I got home and, yep, now my OTHER EYE was turning red and looking irritated.  I at least had the intelligence to clean my eye brushes before I put makeup on again, so I was at a loss.  Had my EYE SHADOW done this to me?  It would KEEP doing this to me?!  I...would I have to throw my precious palettes out?!  They were only a year old!  I loved the colors and couldn't find them anymore!


And lo, Wayne Goss had the sacred answer.  I must spray the bejeezus out of my palettes with 90% isopropyl alcohol.  And it WORKED, my dears, it WORKED!  I sprayed the living shit out of my palettes, and now I'm two days of wearing my old eyeshadow with not a pink eye in sight!

Moral of the story:  I should be spraying my makeup with isopropyl alcohol fairly often.

Also, sorry for the lack of posts.  I have a bunch of pictures I've taken, but I've been having a weird quarterlife crisis lately and just haven't had the drive to do much of anything except work, eat ice cream, and cuddle with the husband.  I'll try to be better!

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