Monday, March 12, 2012

Makeup Monday - Kat Von D at Sephora!

I looove Kat Von D's makeup line at Sephora.  What could possibly be more Metal than makeup designed by a famous tattoo artist?  Nothing, really, unless Simone Simons ever gets around to developing a makeup line.  Until that glorious day, I will have my Kat Von D goodness.

Unfortunately, Kat's stuff is quite expensive.  But sometimes you've gotta splurge.  I mean, sure, you can find plenty of Metal stuff at drugstores.  But Kat's stuff is really, really awesome.  And the packaging is totally badass!

Here, check this stuff out: 

Here's a Foiled Love lipstick.  The packaging is awesome.
One of the products Kat Von D is known for are her lipsticks.  She has tons of red lipsticks in possibly every shade you could ever want, my personal favorite color being "Hellbent," a very deep blood red.  It looks gorgeous against my pale skin.  The color makes quite a statement, though, so I'll save it for shows and special events.

Kat has two different kinds of lipsticks:  Painted Love and Foiled Love ($19 each).  The Painted Love lipsticks are the regular lipsticks, and the Foiled Love lipsticks have metallic glitter in them (they don't feel weird on your lips!).  I desperately want to get the foiled lipstick in "F.T.W." so I can say my lipstick is for the win.  "Oh My Goth" looks gorgeous as well, but I'm not sure how purple lipstick would look on me!  I need to get to a Sephora, ugh. 

Also, if you don't wear lipstick that often, you can do what I did and purchase this nifty set.  It's a sampler of quite a few Kat Von D lipsticks, including my two favorites, "Hellbent" and the foiled lipstick "Adora."  The lipsticks are crazy tiny, but way more than enough if you don't wear lipstick every day.  It's out of stock online, but some Sephora stores probably still have it. 

Buy my makeup.  Because you're worth it.
Kat Von D's most sought-after products are probably her eyeshadow palettes.  Known for her dramatic eye makeup in person, it makes perfect sense that her eyeshadow palettes would be just as dramatic.  I use the Sinner palette almost every day and I love the bejeezus out of it.  It makes a perfectly Metal smoky eye, assuming you use a brush that can blend properly, as I mentioned earlier.  The colors in the palette are totally badass, and I definitely recommend this palette despite the $36 price tag.
"All shall love me and despair."
 For whatever reason, the rest of Kat's palettes are all pretty tame except for this one.  She has quite a few palettes that are discontinued, like the Metal Orchestra palette, which I regret not getting my grubby hands on before it disappeared (ebay here I come!).  Hopefully Kat will come out with another palette soon with some blues in it, but I do have my eye on the Beethoven palette.

Kat Von D has way more eye products to choose from, but I haven't tried any of them yet.  She has eyeliner pens, liquid eyeliner, pencils, primer--everything!  So take a gander and try some of this stuff out at your local Sephora.

Buy my makeup.  Because I'm naked  ;D
As I've already talked at length about Kat Von D's nail polish, my final product to talk about is fragrance.  The rollerballs are $18, and the large spray bottles are $55.  Some scents have really badass 1 oz. bottles for $45.  Unfortunately I don't like the scents with the badass bottles enough to buy them.  Maybe I need to smell them again?

Because this is too badass NOT to have.
I've sniffed both of Kat's signature perfumes (Sinner and Saint), and I dislike both of them immensely, even the Sinner.  Of course, perfume is a very personal thing, so you have to try for yourself to know what you like.  I haven't tried out the Poetica scent yet, and I'm very, very upset that the Adora scent, which I ADORE (pun intended) is being discontinued.  I'm anxiously waiting for the price of the large bottle of Adora to go on clearance, because my local Sephora is full of it (Update:  Adora perfume is now on sale for $18 at Sephora inside JC Penney stores!!!).  And why should I pay full price for something I know is being discontinued and has been sitting in the store for three months or more?  But if that never happens, I'll stock up on the $6 rollerballs.

And that's all, folks!  Kat Von D's makeup is really great quality and has wonderful reviews online, so give it a try!  Here's a video of Kat using some of the makeup.  Enjoy!


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