Monday, March 5, 2012

Makeup Monday - Magnetic Nail Polish!

I've become quite a nail polish addict.  I think nail polishes are like Pokemon cards--I'm consumed with a lust to get them all.  I'm particularly fond of polishes that give unique effects, like shatter, glitter/flakey topcoats, and now magnetic nail polish.  I mean, really, what's more Metal than a nail polish that has actual metal INSIDE OF IT?!  Yeah, nothing.

So, I picked up some Magnetic nail polish at Hot TopicMagnetic Force by Color Club.  I got mine in HipNotic because the electric blue color (Electro-Midnight) wasn't in stock at the time.  At $7, these magnetic polishes are a bargain (normal retail is $12-16).


There are metal filings inside the nail polish, and they separate from the rest of the nail polish when approached by a magnet, creating a lovely 3D tigerseye effect!  Unfortunately, I had issues getting this polish to work correctly.  You have to paint your nails one by one, putting the magnet (located on top of the lid) over the nail while the polish is still wet.  I didn't figure this out until I had painted an entire hand, whoops!  Luckily it came off easily.  I also found that the effect is much more dramatic if you have a LOT of polish on your nail.

Without flash.  See the pretty design? :D

With flash!  I love the metallic 3D shine!
I stupidly tried using the magnet at different angles in an attempt to get different designs.  I ended up ruining the entire effect and had to start over.  Ugh.  It's pretty lame that you only get the horizontal pattern, but I'm going to pick up this magnet by China Glaze and see if it works out.  The design possibilities look badass!

Close-up of the epic Metal polish.  My finger looks really creepy.

Bottom Line: despite my issues, I think magnetic polish is very Metal and I look forward to playing with it again! :D  Highly recommended!  This kind of polish is showing up in many brands and many colors, so of course I have to get them all.  My poor wallet.

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