Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ipsy Glam Bag April 2015 Review!

My goodies!

So, this was my first month getting the Ipsy Glambag.  For those of you who haven't heard of it, Ipsy is a $10/month surprise bag filled with makeup samples and sometimes even full-sized products.  It's about exploring new brands and things, and $10 is pretty cheap, so I decided I'd give it a go.

THE BAG.  It's actually really cute.

The bag itself is surprisingly well put-together--I was expecting something really flimsy and made of cheap plastic. 

I was pretty upset about two of my items:  The fragrance and the cleanser.  I have really sensitive face issues and I have my skincare regimen down, so I refused to try the cleanser (at the risk of having a blowout) and will just give it to a friend.  I gave it an abysmal review (Sorry, Hey Honey!) so that I won't get skincare products ever again.  I also sent Ipsy a scathing email about receiving something I made sure to avoid in my "Profile," and they sent a really kind, professional reply, so I'm happy with that.  Their suggestion, which is echoed by my friends who also use the bag, is to make sure I review all my product contents.  Eventually the algorithm or whatever they use will figure out to never, ever give me skincare products.

Or fragrance.  I stupidly said I liked fragrance in my profile, and I've changed it.  The fragrance I got in my bag smelled like your standard floral, old lady something-or-other, but I'm sure other people would be thrilled to get such a large fragrance in a bag!
Now HERE we go

Everyone got a theBalm Cosmetics eyeshadow sample in their bag, which is super exciting, because I've heard great things about the brand and have been wanting to try them!  This shadow met my expectations, having great pigmentation and applying as I would expect a high-quality eyeshadow to apply.  I'm sad I got the "white bread" color, though--other people got a purple one! D:

Have a really bad photo of it on my eyeball using Fit!

A sorta "meh" item for me was the Starlooks lipgloss.  I mean, it's fine, it's a lipgloss, it's got this retro 90's frost thing going for it, but I have other lipglosses.  I will use this one.  It didn't shatter my world (like the MUFE Plexigloss, which I'll tell you aaall about tomorrow!).

Please ignore my awful thumb, kthx.

Bad swatch is bad--my camera felt rebellious today.
I wore KVD Studded lipstick in Cathedral under the gloss.

 Now, the main item in my bag was a Hikari Cosmetics blush in "Tango."  At first I rolled my eyes and was like, "Oh.  Blush.  Yay./sarcasm,"  but it's actually rather good.  The color is a lot more flattering blended out than it appears in the pan, and it's a full-sized product!  At $15, it more than pays for the cost of the bag, which is pretty cool.

Full-sized blush, ooooh!
Click to embiggen.  It's actually quite pretty!

So, overall, I'm satisfied.  Initially I was pissed about the skincare and the fragrance, because other people got fancy lipsticks, but you really do get a good value out of the bag.  I'll see where the next few months take me!  If you decide you want to try the Glam Bag out, please use my referral link ;) 

Full face of my Ipsy products!

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