Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kitty Vamp Designs-- Band Shirts (and more) For Women!

More and more bands are including token female-sized shirts at their merch booths, but it's usually just one shirt.  And it usually has a tiny design on the front, without tour dates on the back.  So, men's shirts are still way more badass.  But they EAT me.  And I'm way too lazy/scared to attempt resizing them myself.

If you find yourself in a similar dilemma, thank your lucky stars that KittyVamp exists.  You can send her a band shirt from your collection, buy one from her shop, or buy one of the fancy designs she's already made.  Like this Children of Bodom shirt that she turned into a pencil skirt.

How awesome is that? D:

Her prices are pretty good for what she offers ($30ish for shirts you buy from her collection, $40 for dresses, $16.99 to send your own shirt to be altered).  I have a hawt Iced Earth shirt that she offered in her store two years ago that I LOVE.  My fiance has the same shirt (unaltered of course because he's a man), so it's cute to wear them together.  ;P

So glorious.  It has turquoise lace trim :D
KittyVamp also has many different styles to offer if you're not a tank top kind of gal, including off-shoulder tops and corsets!  She even makes DRESSES.  You know what, I'll just stop talking and let you look at all the cheddar.

Making dresses out of giant man shirts!  The geniusness!

Powerglove doesn't offer ladies shirts yet, so this  is a must-have for a fan of The Glove.

I need to get an off-shoulder shirt :D
All of those shirts are found on her website (except my Iced Earth one, but I'm sure she'd be able to replicate it with a shirt you send in).  She also sells eye makeup from Concrete Minerals in case you need a little something extra to get free shipping.  The colors look awesome!  You know how much I loves me some makeup, so I'll give these a try for sure :D

So, what are you waiting for?  Head on down to KittyVamp!




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