Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Toxic Vision - it doesn't get any more Metal than this

Canada's Toxic Vision creates Metal fashions straight out of my wildest dreams (or is it nightmares?).  Leather, spikes, studs, corset lacing, everything a girl could ever dream of.  Some of the outfits are a little too sexy for my taste (hot pants?  Metal HOT PANTS?  Whoa.), but there's plenty to like here.  Toxic Vision even made Stu Block's (Iced Earth) new concert outfit, so soon she'll be making outfits for the menfolk, too.

Unfortunately, since all the fashions are made from scratch, they're woefully expensive.  I couldn't afford any of it unless I got a big fancy job somewhere.  But I can look, can't I?  And so can you.  Visit their website here and Facebook page here.  Happy drooling!

Shut up and take my money!

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  1. Her clothes are truly amazing hands down the best I have seen. But the price tag just does not agree with me like you say I need to get fancy job to buy leather pants for $300?!?!?!? There is even a ritual cloak that cost as much as 4 months rent that I love and lately her clothes are for small people not for curvacious women like myself and I read that some chick bought a pentagram skirt and the print came off just by putting it on whoa red flag. It would be nice to have at least one thing from her collection...someday