Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Warpaint Beauty Sale at Hot Topic Stores!

Hot Topic is having a huge sale on Warpaint brand cosmetics.  We're talking $1.99 for makeup here.  Granted, I haven't tried that much of it and it's probably not the best quality, but for $1.99?  I'll take some risks.  And, if you (or your spouse) are military, you get an extra 10% discount on top of that!

I needed some glitter eyeliner and was on my way to Sephora to suck it up and buy the Urban Decay stuff ($18, ouch), when I stopped in Hot Topic and found this giant sale.  For $1.99 I bought two glitter liners (purple and this chrome color), and I'm very impressed with them!  I wear contacts and have sensitive eyes, and I haven't noticed any added irritation from the glitter!  There isn't even any fallout on my cheeks or eyelashes at the end of the day!  That is good shit for $1.99.

I might just go back to Hot Topic and buy more of this stuff just because the glitter liner turned out to be so great!  Stock in stores will differ from what the website offers, so it's definitely worth a trip to your local mall.


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