Friday, March 20, 2015

Let's all calm down about some lipstick, shall we?

As I was perusing Facebook yesterday, I came across this post by Kat Von D.  Basically, some people were calling out Sephora for her lipstick shade called "Underage Red," demanding they pull it.  Kat defended the name, and said that she refuses to pull it.  I always thought of the name "Underage Red" as the kind of bright, crazy red that teenagers are drawn to.  So, Underage Red.  I never thought of it in the crazy, child-trafficking, sexual ways that other people are saying.  They're also comparing it to "Lolita," which is a shade I've always adored not just because it's a great color, but because it makes me think of the Japanese Lolita fashion movement.

Like this.  Photo from here.

Kat Von D has never made any official statements about the Lolita lipstick, but the same people who call for the end for Underage Red make lewd statements about Lolita, too, and how it's about children being sexualized.

And that's totally fine if that's what the name means to you, because obviously nothing Kat says is going to change that, but just don't buy the lipstick.  If these names bother you so much, NARS has much worse (Orgasm, Deep Throat), but that doesn't seem to offend anyone THAT much. 

And I can't help but wonder if it's because NARS is a much bigger, more traditional, male-led company, whereas Kat Von D has complete control over her own, smaller makeup line.  And she's an alternative woman who many people just flat out don't like.  Because she helped that one guy cheat on America's sweetheart a while ago.  And because she's covered in tattoos and lives in the gothic mansion of my dreams.

Feel free to discuss below!  :)  Sorry for no makeup pictures this week--Life has been kicking my ass recently.

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