Monday, February 13, 2012

The Hard Rock/Metal Grammy winners are...

...The Foo Fighters.  Really?  Wait, the Foo Fighters won ALL Rock Grammys?  Okay, well, it could have been worse. 

But let's see who the other nominees were for the ONLY Grammy that was for Metal (Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance):
  • Public Enemy No. 1, Megadeth
  • On the Backs Of Angels, Dream Theater
  • White Limo, Foo Fighters
  • Curl of the Burl, Mastodon
  • Blood In My Eyes, Sum 41  (Does this one even make sense?)
Wait, Dream Theater FINALLY got nominated for a Grammy?  Hell yes!  Oh, except that somehow the Academy thought White Limo was a better HARD ROCK/METAL performance.  Well, I haven't listened to the Foo Fighters since I was in High School, so let's listen to this song that won the Grammy.  Maybe it is better, but I seriously doubt it. 

. . .


Okay, so let me get this straight.  The Foo Fighters, with this song, won a Grammy.  That's hard enough to wrap my mind around, but THAT song, which had its lyrics written in just two minutes, was considered a better Hard Rock/Metal performance than this:

 Of course, The Foo Fighters are a very marketable, mainstream band, no one watching the Grammys had even heard of Dream Theater, etc.etc.  I get it.  But there are so many more amazing American Metal bands!  Symphony X, Iced Earth, Kamelot!  And Sum 41 got nominated

The Grammys are a joke.  I realize that.  But when a deserving band finally gets nominated after 20+ years of churning out fantastic albums, only to lose to this garbage, shit gets serious. 

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