Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Awesome Metal Bags!

I've always referred to the chalices in which I dump all my personal items as purses, but apparently it's more politically correct to refer to them as simply "bags" now (because of all the different types).  Whatever the term, I find it frustratingly difficult to find purses that fit my aesthetic.  Sure, there are black purses everywhere, but the increasingly dominant girly-girl in me wants something a bit more fancy nowadays.  Zippers, chains, buckles, maybe some bows!  Or pink accents!  Wait, did I just say pink?  To quote some Symphony X lyrics, I don't know what the Hell I've become.

Now isn't the time for an identity crisis, Leslie!  Show them the epic bags!

Metal Mulisha, though primarily a brand for assholes (ugh, just look at the homepage...), have some great purses for ladies.  These three are my favorites, but Metal Mulisha have many more to offer on their website.  I love the classic black leather looks of these purses combined with the added mixture of edgy and feminine touches.  At $46-50, they're a pretty good price, too!

I really like this purse by surfer-girl brand Roxy.  I don't like any of their other purses (or anything else at all, really), but this one is great.  Distressed black leather feel combined with silver studs, zippers, and buckles.  Very Metal :D  And it's a cross-body, which is ideal for shows and festivals because it keeps your hands free and puts less weight on your shoulder!  And it's super affordable at $44.

I looove tokidoki.  The designs are just so damned cute.  This design is a nice middle-ground between my love of cuteness and Metal.  The adorable characters are there, but in subtle, vintage-y grays instead of the rainbow color explosion found in most tokidoki products.  Unfortunately, these purses are crazy expensive (by my standards).  This purse is the smallest offered (though still a good size methinks), and it's $98.  Yowch!  D:

Here's a cute purse from Iron Fist.  Though Iron Fist's primary Metal fashion offering is shoes (which I'll be sure to write about later), they have some other great things to offer.  Like this purse!  At $45, it's very affordable!  Also, Iron Fist tend to lean more towards the Horror than Metal aesthetic, so if you find yourself also leaning more towards that, google Iron Fist!  Their website doesn't have all their items, so some googling/ebaying may be in order. 

If you're the type that needs to try on a purse before purchasing, here's a list of some purses that can be found in stores (click the picture to view):

Phew, that was a LOT of purses!  I focused on black because, well, it goes with everything!  Hopefully I at least gave you names of some designers that cater to the Metal aesthetic more than others.  Enjoy, and happy shopping!


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