Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rock & Republic exclusively at Kohl's

A few months ago, I went on a quest to find a sufficiently Metal purse.  I wrote down brands and designers that seemed to cater to my specific aesthetic (feminine and cute, yet Metal), and one of the brands I noted was Rock & Republic.  They had edgy stuff that was still quite feminine, and I was excited to find out that their stuff would soon be sold in Kohl's stores (meaning that I'd actually be able to afford it). 

So, the day has arrived, and I'm quite disappointed.  Granted, I haven't ventured into an actual Kohl's store yet, and there's bound to be much more in stores than listed online.  But still, the online offerings are quite lackluster.

Of course, this is only the beginning.  Hopefully more will get released as time goes by (purses!), but I'm still disappointed by what I thought would be an epic new line of clothes.

Here's what I actually liked (links in the description):

These platforms are pretty cute.  I like silver, and the subtle snakeskin is pretty Metal.

These are pretty hawt.  I loves me some studs on shoes.

I actually think this is pretty cool (pun intended).  It would definitely be a good choice for winter concerts, as the ventilation will keep you cool while you're wedged between the mass of bodies.  Also, it's cute and edgy. 

This cardigan's pretty shimmery-looking, and I love the handkerchief-bottom and the cutout shoulder.  Very sexy ;D

I like the subtle embellishments on the sleeves, and everyone likes little black dresses, right?

I love dip-dyed/gradient/ombre things.  The cutout shoulder is very sexy, too!  A great option if you're not into form-fitting tops!  I like form-fitting stuff, though, so I'd have to try this one on.

Hmm, maybe I found more to like than I thought!  But for everything I did like, there were more things that I didn't.  But have a look yourself, or waltz into Kohl's and check it out!  The Rock & Republic collection is currently 30% off, and Kohl's usually has other sales and coupon codes you can find online at shady websites!

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