Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It begins!

Hello lovely readers, and welcome to Metal Marshmallow. 

What is Metal Marshmallow?  Well, Metal Marshmallow (MM from here on out!)  is a blog by yours truly, Leslie Neal.  I like cute things and Metal, and what's cuter than a fluffy marshmallow?  I got the inspiration for the title from my favorite stuffed animal, which I have lovingly given the appropriate Metal name of "marshmallow kitty."  (From these lovely people:* 

I will make posts about--you guessed it--Metal.  I'll write album reviews, give out links to new music videos, post fashion and makeup inspiration photos and links on where to buy Metal stuff in the United States (which is way harder than it should be!), and talk about Metal in general.  This is mainly targeted towards females (because I am one--write what you know ;D), but there should be plenty here for men to also enjoy.

I'm still tinkering with the layout currently, but I'll be sure to start making posts soon.  Feel free to shoot me a comment with questions, what you'd personally like to see, say hi, whatever!

*The photo of marshmallow kitty found on the home page is also by these wonderful Japanese people, and I hereby claim no ownership of the image!

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