Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sexy, Metal Platform Shoes!

I couldn’t resist researching platform shoes (comfortable ones) after my post about the dilemma of being a short Metal fan.  I’ve just recently gotten into, well, pretty things, but I haven’t yet ventured into the realm of fancy shoes.  I have my cute Vans, some old Converse from high school, gladiator sandals (which are AWESOME), and some generic flip flops.  That’s where I stand on shoes.  

For the record, heels scare me.  They look terrifying, but they’re PRETTY.  I finally couldn’t resist anymore and I purchased these Vera Wang wedges, thinking that wedges aren’t heels, so they’re not scary!  Unfortunately, they hurt pretty badly.  There’s no platform in the front, so I basically walk around on the tips of my toes when I wear them, which KILLS the balls of my feet.  Gel insoles can’t fix that.  Siiigh.

Gaawwd, I love them D:
But what about platforms that raise the front of the feet, too?  I’ve done some research, and found some cool and (generally) reasonably-priced shoes that, according to the commenters, are very comfortable.  But, with the torture that some women put their feet through nowadays, one woman’s comfortable could be my bed of nails. 

If you have any platform shoes you’d like to recommend, leave a comment!  I’d love for some insight, as I’m really a high-heel/platform shoes virgin.


I've always liked Mary Janes.  These shoes have a nice platform to them, and the foot won't have that terrible ball-of-foot-destroying arch.  It looks like a natural position for the foot to be in.  Commenters say the shoes are surprisingly comfy for being "Halloween shoes", and have lots of padding in the soles.  Also found in GLITTER!  Can be bought on Amazon.  This company seems to have MANY platform shoes to choose from, so look around!

These are SO. AWESOME.  I think I'll have to dedicate an entire post to Iron Fist later, because their stuff is AMAZING.  These wedges are on sale for $33, and look pretty comfortable compared to Iron Fist's other shoe offerings.  Ugghhh I may buy these out of weakness.  Ugh.  Iron Fist's website listing.

Harajuku Lovers is a brand that I often like.  It mixes edgy with anime (so to speak), and I'm a fan of both aesthetics.  These are cute, seem to be well-cushioned, and place the foot in a more natural position than most platforms.  They're also pretty cheap as far as fancy shoes go.  Again, I found these lovelies on Amazon.

These Seychelles are pretty cute!  They have a whopping four-inch heel!  The reviews are also good.  However, I tend to stay away from suede, as it get pretty ugly if you get it wet.  If someone spills beer on your shoe, it's all over.  Unless you're a suede-fixing wizard or the gods are on your side.  Found on Endless.

These platform heels by Betsey Johnson have a huge, five-inch heel!  The arch doesn't seem too steep, either, and I'm loving how thick the heel is.  Those spindly, stick-thin heels most pumps have are what scare me most about them.  They just look like they'll break at any moment, and definitely would be a cause for concern while flipping out at a Metal show.  But I'd like to see these babies break off.  They're suede, though, so again you'd have to worry about beer-spilling.  Endless.    

And, finally, we have the dream shoe:

Excuse me while I change my pants. 

The reviews aren't the best for these, I'll admit.  Women complain about comfort, about stones falling off (but, really, the rhinestones can fall off.  I'm here for the studs), and these suckers are stupid expensive.  These shoes are almost the price of a ProgPower ticket.  But I will fantasize.  and so can you.  Yes.  Endless.

EDIT:  Vera Wang made a dupe of this shoe for Kohl's!!  These are much more affordable (around $50 before your inevitable 20-30% off coupon), but they unfortunately don't come in black.  The snake skin is cute, but these may just bee too pinky for me!   

And there you have my short catalog of (hopefully) comfortable platform shoes!  You don't have to shop at Amazon and Endless; I'm sure there are other websites and actual stores that also have comfy platforms.  I foresee a visit to Bakers in my future. 

Also, I will make a later post about shoes that look badass, but are walking death traps.  And non-heeled shoes of badassery. 


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