Thursday, February 23, 2012

New things ahead!

In addition to my makeup and album/show reviews (which unfortunately take a lot of time, but I promise there will be more!), I will post specific things every day according to the schedule below.  Besides these scheduled things, I will also share news as I find it (bands breaking up, new lineups, US tour announcements, etc.).

  • Monday:  Makeup finds (that I want to try but haven't gotten around to)
  • Tuesday:  Shopping day (Like this)
  • Wednesday:  Women of Metal mini bio (I'll pick a lady that I admire and write about why I like her, what she's done for women in Metal, stuff like that!)
  • Thursday:  Music Video day
  • Friday:  Hopefully an album or product review!  If not, another one of the aforementioned things!
Let me know how you feel about the list :)  Like it, hate it?  Is there something missing? 

Here, have an adorable marshmallow cat:

The cuteness kills me.

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