Monday, February 20, 2012

Metal Eye Makeup Tutorial!

Kat Von D fits my personal Metal aesthetic, and I especially love the way she does her eye makeup.  But, I'm a total noob when it comes to any kind of makeup stuff.  I needed help.  So, knowing that YouTube holds all the secrets, I found this wonderful tutorial that showed me how to achieve awesomely gorgeous eyes similar to Kat Von D's!  It turned out to be strangely simple given that I have never done more with eye shadow than, well, put it on my eyelids (because I am totally new at this makeup thing).



I used Kat's Sinner palette ($36 at Sephora) rather than the one used in the video, but came out with similar results.  For my eyeliner, I used Maybelline Line Stiletto ($6 at most drugstores and Wal-Marts), and I really like how easy it is to make lines with.  It will come off if I rub my eye, which kind of sucks, but I'm a noob and I don't know if they all do that.  I'm sure the total effect would have looked better on me had I used mascara, but I'm terrified of mascara getting into my eyes and bothering my contacts, so I didn't use any.  My contacts are very sensitive to foreign things. 

I first tried getting this look using the spongy brushes that come with eye shadows and was a bit disappointed (I looked a bit like a raccoon), so I took a chance and bought a rather expensive makeup brush at Sephora ($18, but it's double-sided!).  It made a HUGE difference and I love the way it blends the eye shadow like in the video!  I definitely recommend it.

The inspiration:  Kat Von D. 
Good luck, let me know if this tutorial worked out for you :D  I'll update with photos once I finally do it right, because watching this video again made me realize that I have in fact been doing it wrong!  So stay tuned for that.

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