Monday, February 27, 2012

Makeup Monday - Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liner

I went to Sephora recently and spotted this "Heavy Metal Glitter Liner" at the Urban Decay kiosk.  It had "Heavy Metal" on it, so of course it piqued my interest!  But I had a moment of ignorance and failed to see what could be so awesome about putting glitter on my eyelids.  And the $18 price tag made me cringe a little.

Aww, there's even a cute guitar <3

Now, after watching videos on YouTube and reading rave reviews on Sephora's website, I desperately want to go back to Sephora and try it on for myself (why I didn't do that at the time, I have no idea).  I'm mostly interested in the silver (called "Glam Rock"--the names are quite cheesy) and opalescent pearl ("Distortion") colors, as they would probably look best layered over dark eye shadow. 

After going back to Sephora, I found that I love this stuff!  It was very sparkly and made quite a statement!  I still couldn't spend the $18, though, but luckily I found a nice dupe at Hot Topic that's only $1.99.  Yes, two dollars. 

But if you have the kind of money to spend $18 on glitter liner (because the Urban Decay stuff IS better), have a look at this video review!  She doesn't fit my aesthetic, of course, but she's very informative about the product and I liked listening to her talk.  I didn't even turn off the video when she started rambling at the end, which was weird. 

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